Knitting my therapy

Help daughter get to her ill mother in remote Texas | Other -

Trying to raise money to get to Texas to handle ill mother’s medical legalities, etc.
All receipts of purchases will be posted so that it is known where and what all funds are used for in this trip.
Thank you in advance for your support. Even a $1.00 helps tremendously.

Bunny Genghis at Club 156 (Part 2) (by GSLArkHive) make sure to read the information about the show and band. I am married to Tom Mick and he is still kicking although he is retired from music.

My fat cat Sookie she even eats the weight management food like it is going to be her last meal. She is happy but we need to get her weight down.

One of the custom hats I hand knitted my shop is
I can knit custom orders for you just message me if interested.

Black kap I made with purple stripe hand knitted better pictures to come made to order.

Daisy sleepy

Sookie laying on feet

She just loves laying on my legs and feet while I am in the bed she keeps me warm and knows when I feel below the weather Sookie is her name and we rescued her and her companion from the Denver Dumb Friends League after our 20 year old companion passed. They don’t seem to mind living in an Rv and traveling all around helping other cats and dogs that are suffering or abandoned.

Sleeping sookie the bestest foot warmer around

Scarf almost finished

Hello Everyone, this little lady that is spayed is just under a year old and needs a warm and loving home.  We are taking her along as a passenger with us to NC from Missouri.  We are going via Memphis, TN, Tupelo, MS, Birmingham, AL, Atlanta, GA, Florence, SC to Jacksonville, NC.  She is all alone and someone just dumped her off.  We hope we can find a home for her either along the way or once we get there to NC.  If you are interested please send me a message.

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please reblog this, you never know. it could save a life.

Please reblog this as it just might save a life I have been there I know and I am still here



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